My serial fictions are episodes that I write as I go along. Ideally, they can stand alone but I write with the whole series in mind. At first I kept each to fewer than a thousand words, which is too long. I go through countless drafts with the goal of limiting each serial piece to fewer than 900 words, which probably doesn’t make a difference, but does force me to stay with story, allowing no unneccessary embellisments. The next cutting will involve dispensing with any less than critical episodes, but I won’t do that online.

The point-of-view in this series alternates between Brooke Logan, a 16-year-old local girl and Jasper King, a 30-year-old actor who will star in a (fictional) reboot of James Bond. Brooke and Jasper struggle with an extraordinary attraction for each other. Keeping this secret involves many different characters, producers, directors, family, and friends.

As the story progresses, Jasper leaves to make the movie, Readiness Is All. The serial contains several scenes on the set, enough possibly to convey the movie’s plot without the district sense of interruption I often feel when reading a story within a story. The movie title is a quote from Hamlet, which figures here as much as James Bond.

I’ll start with chapters introducing the main characters and then skip forward to episode 61, where my feed stopped on my Amazon Author Page, because the series runs on my site and is no longer recognized as a blog. (Probably few, in any, readers follow the series from my Author Page on Amazon. I can’t tell from the analytics. If you’re interested in the  whole series, it start here, on my website. Click on the link and you should see a rolling list of episode in the upper right.



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