New paperback edition & 2nd edition e-book

Diary of a Heretic Paperback
Damnare Vivi Defuncti

My novel Diary of a Heretic  is now available in paperback or e-format. Originally, I wrote a blog called I didn’t think the novel would be published. So I posted excepts along with serials and other stories. That blog ( blog did well from 2007 until about 2011. In 2013, my husband read the novel, which I’d been writing since 1999 and laughed all the way through. He published it to surprise me.

Even more surprising, the novel received excellent reviews (although not many). I deleted the blog but kept the domain and set things up to direct readers to   Kathleen Maher’s Pure Fiction, where two novels are offered for sale via a widget.

When I started, the internet was exciting and inviting. People read my posts and commented. A graduate student once wrote that he’d stayed up all night reading my blog. Some readers asked questions about serials in progress, which showed me what I had overlooked. What a paradise compared to today, when someone or thing co-opted my blog name, and remnants of my writing to run below a sequence of blood and guts porn. (I hadn’t know such stuff existed. Porn, yes, but cameras inside a woman’s body? Apparently, some people find that sexy. But I’d object to mild porn accompanying a blog that gave me my first (and possibly only) taste of steady readers.

Here’s hoping new doors open for outsider writers. It seems to be taking forever but I’ll get “The Vitruvian Man” out this year, one way or another.




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