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My goal is to write fiction that captures a unique but recognizable world in prose that’s lively, quick, and rhythmic. Throughout the plot, and I need a plot, (although my stories don’t fit into genres) my characters change and grow. This blog, as the initial posts make clear, started in protest. My serial fiction, flash fiction, and excerpts from my novel “Diary of a Heretic” are created and posted at a larger site along with photos and quotes, Kathleen Maher’s Pure Fiction. (My name is a common and while I’m as egotistical as the next fiction writer, I put it everywhere because of the many notices I’ve received from different search engines claiming the author isn’t clearly designated.  This may change. Everything does.) If you want to know more “About Me” here’s another page on the subject.

I love to write, and to rewrite, and often have fun doing it. But I struggle, too, with frustration and failure. But if I’m not risking “everything,” I’m not really writing. So I almost invariably fail to capture my full vision and make it real. But I never stop trying. Win or lose, I fly on adrenaline. Then, too, even when I fail, if I post something here or elsewhere, I’ve experienced moments of great joy even that I believe in sharing.

If you’re interested in my finished writing, which I do off-line, you might want to fill out the contact form listed in the menus at the top and bottom. Currently, I have a novel that’s finished but stalled in limbo while I attempt its publication.

You can find me on FacebookGoogle+goodreads, and Twitter. I have an Author Page at Amazon and more reviews on goodreads, but you’ll need to scroll down a little. Chances are my profile or part of it languishes on other platforms I’ve inadvertently forgotten.

If you’re at all inclined, please ask questions and make comments and observations. It’s been a long time since a living person responded to my efforts.



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